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Hi there. We’re delighted that you’re interested in The Hoxby Collective — and excited to see if we’d make a great team! A few simple things to keep in mind: unfortunately this form won't save your answers, which means you’ll need to set aside enough time to complete this in one go. So pull up a chair, grab a snack and get comfy.

We are open for applications for one month every quarter so be sure to complete yours by the end of the January to avoid disappointment - we won't be open for applications again until April!

We try to get back to applicants within 7 days so keep an eye on your email inbox. We now bring people into the community in groups so if your application is successful we would expect to welcome you into our Slack community in February.

After you have completed the application form please do follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and join the #workstyle movement that’s changing the way we all work.

The Hoxbies


Hoxbies are revolutionary

At Hoxby, we have created a revolutionary model of work that brings unprecedented agility for our clients, while improving the happiness and fulfilment of our people.

We are an award-winning workforce of more than 450 exceptionally talented people working remotely across 29 countries.

We curate experts from our community to provide consultancy and agency services for clients around the world, tailoring our teams to deliver great results, every time.

We don’t have swanky offices, instead we use the latest technology to bring our teams together. The result is a fast and flexible community that delivers brilliant people at amazing value. At The Hoxby Collective our community thrives by bringing together the brightest talent from around the world, whatever their specialism and wherever they are. We welcome any level of experience and any workstyle, as long as it motivates and inspires you to deliver your best work.

We are looking for extraordinary communicators who want the benefits of working freelance whilst being supported by the strength of community that The Hoxby Collective can offer. You need to be highly skilled at your profession and autonomous in your delivery whilst being ambitious, inspiring and dedicated to your work.


Applying to become an Associate at The Hoxby Collective

The Hoxby community succeeds by combining and sharing expertise. First and foremost we are a community who are united behind the cause to create a happier, more fulfilled society by creating a world of work without bias. Together we spread the word about the cause, and also deliver exceptional work for our clients to show this way of working is the future.

Here are a few of the ways that we enable members to support each other:

Self billing - we invoice ourselves on your behalf to save you valuable time.

Payment terms - regardless of our payment terms with the client, or when a project is completing, we pay all our Hoxbies 14 days after the end of the month when they deliver work.

Tax returns - for UK Hoxbies we provide heavily-discounted support with tax returns, and are looking to expand this worldwide.

Training and development - We have our own development framework and voluntary mentoring scheme to ensure The Hoxby Collective is a long-term career choice

Meet-ups - Whilst Slack is our virtual office, we recognise the enormous value of personal interactions too. Hence, we help Hoxbies host Hoxby Homes around the UK and the world, taking over a house for Hoxbies to work together and meet each other. Each Hoxby Home is different, but breakfast and lunch are usually provided and we go for drinks afterwards. We also have co-working groups and local meet-ups.

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In order to protect our valuable community and the Hoxbies within it, we've created an Associate agreement that we ask every associate to sign. Would you be happy to sign this Associate agreement as well as a Non Disclosure Agreement if accepted into the collective?